About Us


Please allow us to introduce ourselves! We are the Lennon Family. Chris, Kate, Reese and Ellery. We've been living here on the ranch since October of 2016 and have 4 horses of our own. Two off the track Thrououghbred geldings, an Appendix gelding and one beautiful Gypsy mare. Kate grew up with horses, riding and barrel racing as kid up through her late teens/early 20's then took time away from the horse life for college, marriage and children. Who knew it would take 17 years and ultimately be the youngest of her children that would be responsible for bringing horses back into their lives. As every true horseman/horsewoman knows, horses are just in some people's blood and Ellery was no exception. She was born with the "horse bug" every bit as bad as her mom had been. At 2 years old, never having even seen a horse up close in real life yet, she was already obsessed. Trying to find horseback riding lessons for a 3 year old is near impossible but every interaction Ellery had with a horse of any kind only increased her obsession with them. Never in a million years would we have guessed that one little girls obsession with horses and my life long love of them would have landed us here! It all started almost 3 years ago with riding lessons here at ARS with Lauren for our youngest on her 5th birthday in April 2015. What began as a weekly riding lesson in April then spirialed into purchasing a horse in October and boarding him here at ARS, then by the following June (2016) I had been hired on to manage the barn. In August of 2016 Ron and Robin Beyer approached us to ask if we might be interested in taking ARS over and purchasing it, we moved onto the property in October of 2016 and haven't looked back since. It has always felt like we were meant to be here, like it was a planned out and predetermined long before that first riding lesson. We are not only horse owners, we are horse lovers. ARS has been my "happy place" since Ellery started taking lessons here and now I have the opportunity not only to live here and run it, but share it and make it the happiest place for horses and their riders that I can. We take great pride in running a happy, healthy facility that caters to the biologically appropriate aspects of a horse's life. When you board your horse here at ARS it becomes a part of my herd and I treat them all as if they were my own.

Kate and her OTTT, Goose. 

Chris and Maverick, his OTTT. 

Kate and her Gypsy, Lula. 

And the horse that started it all, Steel the Appendix, with Kate, Ellery & Reese.