Birthday Parties

Plan your next birthday party with us!
Our birthday parties are 3 hours total, 2 hours grooming and riding the horses and they also include the use of our birthday party room for one hour for cake, ice cream, presents and whatever else you'd like to do! The kids will get a demo on how to groom and saddle a horse, as well as participating in doing it themselves followed by a group ride (1 horse per 2 children) with a riding instructor and assistants. We have an indoor arena for inclimate weather and everyone will get time in the saddle at a walk and also get to either try trotting or riding outside (weather permitting) around the property for a little "trail riding" experience. Parents are welcome to come and watch and take pictures and videos of the kids with the horses! 

$250 for 5 kids and $30 per addtional child.

Call 303-431-4675 to schedule