We offer horseback riding lesson for all levels and disciplines of riding styles. All of our lessons are private lessons, they are one hour long for $60, we also offer a lesson package for $330 for 6 lessons. Our lessons are what we consider "full circle" horsemanship lessons where we will not only teach you how to ride but also fully prepare to ride a horse. They begin with going into the paddock to get the horse (how to halter and how to safely lead your horse) then we cover grooming of your horse in preparation to ride, we will cover saddling or tacking up of the horse with the correct tack and placement of the tack and all the parts of the saddle and bridle and what they are used for. Most lessons include at least 30-40 minutes of ride time with instruction, and will culminate with untacking your horse and grooming the horse down after your lesson and putting them back in their paddock. We have multiple trainers available for lessons with a wide range of experience in all disciplines of riding whether it be western pleasure or jumping and everything in between. All of our trainers keep their own lesson schedules, so you will book your lessons directly with the trainer themselves. Please give the office a call to discuss the days and times you are looking for to schedule lessons and we will put you in touch with a trainer that will best suit your schedule. 303-431-4675